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The Certificate IV in Business reflects the role of individuals in a variety of Business Services job roles. These individuals may have supervisory performance accountabilities. Individuals in these roles carry out a mix of specialist and moderately complex administrative or operational tasks that require self-developmental skills. They use well-developed skills and a broad knowledge base to apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems and analyse information from a variety of sources. 

What you'll learn in the Certificate IV in Business

This course will take you through the aspects of leadership and management from start to finish.  Based upon the structure of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) you will learn the key skills required to carry out a variety of business services across a range of enterprise and industry contexts.

Through the Certificate IV you will develop your skills in applying critical thinking to work practices, use digital technologies to better collaborate with others, build and maintain business relationships, and apply communication strategies in the workplace to meet organisational and/or enterprise requirements. 

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How will this course help me?

Upon successful completion of 9 chosen units, participants will be awarded the Certificate IV in Business (BSB40120). The Certificate IV in Business Practice is regarded as the industry standard in the recognition of those who have demonstrated the ability to work effectively within a business environment.

Participants will undertake learning to sharpen their skills (as per key skills section) as well as the opportunity to apply business concepts to work-based situations.  This will provide participants with the skills they need to work as effective team leaders as well as the confidence to apply them in a practical setting.

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Nathan was excellent with this presentations and tram engagement, really great course. Great perspectives which made me think differently.

How Would You Like To Qualify As A Business Officer?


Come to a practical and engaging workshop. Build connections and networks with other like minded professionals and find out how projects operate across different industries.


Our online Certificate IV Business course is a great choice for learners wanting the flexibility to learn at their own pace in the comfort of their own space.

Prior Experience

If you've been working in projects you may qualify for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). This is a way for experienced people to fast track the qualification.

Looking for customised Corporate Training?

Scope is experienced at designing custom learning experiences and has partnered with businesses of all shapes and sizes across a range industries.

A Certificate IV in Business can be customised and delivered to your organisation.

This will include integrating your values, policies, processes, frameworks as well using examples based on your industry.

Companies we’ve worked with include

Certificate IV in Business Units


BSBCRT411 – Apply Critical Thinking to Work Practices

BSBTEC404 – Use Digital Technologies to Collaborate in a Work Environment

BSBTWK401 – Build and Maintain Business Relationships

BSBWHS411 – Implement and Monitor WHS Policies, Procedures and Programs

BSBWRT411 – Write Complex Documents

BSBXCM401 – Apply Communication Strategies in the Workplace


BSBATSIM421 – Support a Positive and Culturally Appropriate Workforce Culture

BSBCMM411 – Make Presentations

BSBCMM412 – Lead Difficult Conversations

BSBCRT412 – Articulate, Present and Debate Ideas

BSBPEF401 – Manage Personal Health and Wellbeing

BSBPEF502 – Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence

Looking for different units?  Contact our team and we can discuss what other units may be available as well as if your previous experience can reduce the course requirements.

How long will it take to complete?

The great thing with competency based training is that completion of a course is based on your ability to demonstrate your ability to perform to industry standard.  This allows you to complete at your own pace.

There are no exams in the course, it is very practical and based upon things you’re going to face in a project environment.

We provide students with the ability to complete the Certificate Iv Business Practice over a one year period; however we find that the average time is between 3 to 6 months.  During that time there is a large variance in the amount of time each student spends working on the qualification. 

Give us a call, email, use the chat or whatever is easiest and we can give you an estimate based on your situation as well as how your experience may help you complete faster.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no entry requirements into the Certificate IV Business Practice.  If you have a computer and an internet connection you’re set.

Having said that we believe that learning is most valuable when applied.  So it’s best to have a workplace or previous which you can use to apply your learning.

Our model isn’t geared for those coming straight out of school and find that most of our students come from one of two paths.

Ideally participants should hold a Certificate III in Business. However there are a number of other accepted qualifications from industry areas such as Business, Health and Safety etc.  Many participants of this program are tertiary qualified professionals looking to migrate into a project role.   

Many students enter this qualification without holding an existing qualifications. As the programs are designed based upon the work environment, experience within that environment is an acceptable point of entry.  In regards to the Certificate IV Business Practice, this may include but is not limited to experience within a business environment, or another technical field, this may be either as a team member, supervisor or leading hand.

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What jobs can I get with a Certificate IV in Business?

The Certificate IV in Business conveys to employers that the holder has practically demonstrated the skills and knowledge to work effectively as a Team Leader as well as plan and implement workloads for team members to satisfy the goals of the organisation/enterprise.  Furthermore a qualification from Scope Training advocates that the learner has demonstrated the ability to apply these skills in a work context, reassuring employers of job-readiness.

Job Roles include: Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Personal Assistant, Operations Manager, Executive Assistant

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