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These templates are free to utilise and modify to suit your projects.  These templates reflect contemporary best practice and are updated in line with continuous improvement.  If you have a suggestion, improvement or simply wish to leave a comment, please do so in the comments box below.

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Scope Management Templates

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  1. Awesome, glad you like them. If you need any other templates let me know and I will design. Also feel free to adapt these to suit your needs

  2. Dear Scope team,

    I’m preparing a construction Tender that requires a Project Management Plan (PMP), do you have a template for one please ? or an outline of the PMP structure for Australia please ?

    Kind regards,

  3. Hi Phil,

    This one comes in the how long is a piece of string basket.
    Short answer:
    PMP’s are scaleable, generally the higher value (or risk) the more substantial the PMP will be. I find that the PMP is normally a coordination of the individual PMBOK knowledge areas (that should be easy to find); Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality etc. The you can use the templates on this site, and others to formulate your response. The elements of the Charter will assist in your proposal, your schedule, budget, quality management plan, responsibility assignment matrix, communications plan and risk register; these normally form your PMP. Now with larger projects you may need to include aspects such as governance structure, scope management plans, contractor management plans, environmental plans and others. I would (if within the allowable time) contact the request agency as seek clarification; under strict terms this should not affect your evaluation and whilst your question/response, if it changes or clarifies the playing field will be shared with others (generally through addendum etc.) you will remain anonymous- as long as you don’t identify yourself in the way you ask the question; for example my company is the only manufacturer of thing xyz in Australia and I want to know…..

    More info if relevant:
    Firstly; if it is a public sector (government) tender there is usually associated guidance on what should be included within the plan- normally within a section called proposed methodology in the qualitative criteria. Private tenders on the other hand tend to be less consistent in their structure so its a case by case analysis. In response to the Govt tenders ensure you conform; that is all the requirements which are asked and the form (template etc.) if expressed are addressed- failure to comply with requirements may lead to a non-conforming bid; i.e may not be considered.
    Now the PMP, generally speaking construction projects are led by a schedule, this is (depending on the request; Design and Construct, Construct etc.) usually developed by an architect, or project manager. This really guides the project and coordinates all the moving parts (trades, contractors etc.). Some tenders request the development of this within your response; as such this normally is assigned a large degree of weight by the panel as, above all else they want assurance that the thing will work.
    The Scope of works can also be explained and it’s important to highlight inclusions and exclusions are clearly as possible; I’m not going to go into procurement ethics here, but I believing in structuring a clear response providing the parties with certainty, rather than an ambiguous one which leaves you open to “claim” variations. Take into account if they have requested a detailed schedule you probably have done a lot of your scope definition in response to that criterion.
    I’m sure you’re all over your cost as you seem to be running a successful business, most government tenders will be lump sum, but some do run through a cost plus model. Either way remember to include, (especially if directed) a schedule of rates for additional works.
    Naturally a PMP will revolve around the PMBOK knowledge areas (that should be easy to find); Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality etc. whilst I believe these to be the key inclusions within the PMP I find more than often within construction requests the PMP is really: give us a schedule.
    I hope this has helped a little, good luck in your submission.
    PS leave yourself time to do a good job.

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