You’re starting contract management too late.

You’re starting contract management too late. Pop Quiz: When should contract management start? Well, it’s not tough to work; once the contract has been formed, the agreement (contract) can be managed.  Hence from a literal basis contract management starts after contract award.  Simple, and consistent with responses I get when I ask this question of […]

What is procurement

On face value procurement seems a lot like buying things, however whilst procurement captures purchasing it involves so much more to ensure value for the organisation. The key steps of procurement are: Needs Analysis Procurement is designed to meet a need. Generally the acquisition of a good or service to meet a requirement, solve a […]

Suggested evidence for RPL: Certificate IV Procurement and Contracting

There are 15 units within the Certificate IV Procurement and Contracting. This guide covers the 9 core units and the research units of which you will only be required to complete one. The other units will be selected based upon discussions with your consultant to match your work environment or background. The core units covered […]

Identifying the improvement

Who doesn’t want to improve things? Albeit with the best intentions not much comes to fruition. Too often improvements fail due to their knee jerk implementation; we see a problem and seek to solve it, half way through we realise the problem is bigger than we imagined, we are out of resources and well we […]

The invisible art of leadership

The invisible art of leadership Some things should remain invisible; a magician and his tricks, photos of your food on the internet and leadership.   Somethings simply work best when they remain hidden. However, the allure of personal ego can be more overpowering than the sanctity of these magical moments. Using these examples: A magician’s […]

Not everyone wants to collaborate

Not everyone wants to collaborate   Workplaces are centred around different departments [teams] in order to deliver.   Arguably, if these teams didn’t exist the organisation would not be able to perform. The underlying assumption in most workplaces is that team work yields results; get a bunch of randoms together and magic will happen.  The practical […]

What does risk management actually look like?

This is a great question, one which should be asked more often.  As managers, we are often asked to also become managers of risk.  Whilst we can quickly define risks as events of uncertainty, the management of these events is going to vary based upon the situation. Story 1: The fundamentalist approach I recall conducting […]