How Solid Health and Safety Practices can Improve Business KPIs

Research has proven the positive correlation between proactive measures to monitor and promote a safety culture and increased business profitability. Because of this, businesses should pay close attention to workplace safety and consider factors that affect the health, well-being, and safety of their employees. Strengthening processes such as drills, equipment controls, safety training programs, as […]

Identifying the improvement

Who doesn’t want to improve things? Albeit with the best intentions not much comes to fruition. Too often improvements fail due to their knee jerk implementation; we see a problem and seek to solve it, half way through we realise the problem is bigger than we imagined, we are out of resources and well we […]

The invisible art of leadership

The invisible art of leadership Some things should remain invisible; a magician and his tricks, photos of your food on the internet and leadership.   Somethings simply work best when they remain hidden. However, the allure of personal ego can be more overpowering than the sanctity of these magical moments. Using these examples: A magician’s […]

Not everyone wants to collaborate

Not everyone wants to collaborate   Workplaces are centred around different departments [teams] in order to deliver.   Arguably, if these teams didn’t exist the organisation would not be able to perform. The underlying assumption in most workplaces is that team work yields results; get a bunch of randoms together and magic will happen.  The practical […]

What does risk management actually look like?

This is a great question, one which should be asked more often.  As managers, we are often asked to also become managers of risk.  Whilst we can quickly define risks as events of uncertainty, the management of these events is going to vary based upon the situation. Story 1: The fundamentalist approach I recall conducting […]

Assessments in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Environment

Background If studying a program in the Vocational Education and Training sector you may find that things are a little different to school, university or other assessments you may have encountered in your adult life. The major reason for this is that the assessments are based upon a competency model; aiming to determine if candidates […]

The order of operations

Facebook and linkedin are littered with seemingly simple puzzles   For some reason these tend to draw masses of comments and create pretty sizable arguments.  This is largely as many people are not aware (or overlook) the concept of the order of operations. Whilst the video on the order of operations explains it quite well […]

The Value of the Qualification

Didn’t get that job you thought you had in the bag? The problem is getting worse; qualified workers are getting the jobs over the experienced ones. I have recruited many staff as a manager and project manager as whilst I personally went down the university pathway prior to gaining my practical experience I have always […]

What is positive risk?

What is a Positive Risk?   Positive risks are event which have a positive impact on your objectives.  I think it’s the word “risk” that throws many people off.  For many people the term “risk” has negative connotations; i.e. something bad will happen, I will lose money, get injured, crash my car etc.. Contrary to […]

Innovation in Education

The world around us changes at a rapid rate, the emergence of disruptive technologies seem to be the ever present reality. The replacement of our existing technology with newer, better models, functions, features and effectively leading us to replace what we hold in the perpetual chase for the newest. Arguably and until recently innovation in […]

SWOT Analysis

What is a SWOT Analysis Engage a strategy or marketing consultant and you’ll hear the word in a few heart beats. For some it’s the be all and end all of business strategy, the new buzz word, the thing that will solve all your issues.  Well it may just be but it’s not a new […]

The Vision Poster

Make a Vision Poster It’s often said that you can accomplish anything you can imagine.  Well that’s true but it helps a whole lot more when it’s visual. The Vision Poster idea originated in a consultation session which I was facilitating.  I won’t go into the details, but the director of the company had a […]

Making Meetings Effective

At some point we have all been part of a meeting; some have been useful others a colossal waste of time.  For many in the workforce the thought of going to a meeting is associated with dread, with the top ones that come to mind: Why is management holding a meeting? What are they up […]

Work Health and Safety Resources

When our staff find great links and articles we want to share them with our current and potential students. Please see some great resources below: Workplace exposure standards for airborne contaminants – Click Here Asbestos: The Wittenoom tragedy (Video) – Click Here National standard for occupational noise – Click Here Manual tasks code of practice – […]

Amazon Student

Ok so Amazon is basically the gateway for online shopping, they have just created a new offering called Amazon student. This is a good place to find cheap text books for your courses. They also have a referral credit system where you can earn $10 for each social media referral, so you maybe able to […]