Business and Management

What is a PMO? A PMO could refer to a bunch of different things which may be different to each person’s context, and yes that’s why speaking in acronyms can backfire. In this context we are referring to a PMO as a Program Management Office.  Even though we have expanded what we are referring to […]

What is Scope Creep?   Scope creep is an unapproved variation to the scope.  This could impact the Product Scope (the deliverable) and/or the Project Scope (the work). Product Scope Creep This would be a variation to the agreed scope which affects the deliverable or project outcomes.  This could be the addition of new features, […]

Price is often used by consumers to incorrectly differentiate the “quality” of products.  It’s basic psychology and a marketers favourite tool. Let’s assume that I place 2 identical items for sale one for $100 and the other for $20.  A customer will automatically start making some judgements on the grade of two products based on […]

Quality versus Grade   *Please note there is a language warning in this article. What is the difference between quality and grade? Before you become too invested in this article, note that it has been written on a light hearted keyboard.  If you want the serious version, using proper examples, head this way fine Sir. […]

Every Management workshop I have ever attended whether at university or for professional development is underpinned by a recurring theme: managers do things right. That generally translates into having a structure of systems and enforcing conformance through a clear and fair process.  Most aptly that system is based around policies and processes designed to protect the company […]