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Learning should be a constant ongoing part of our lives, but lets face it we are all busy.  Admittedly some more than others.  In the midst of being busy we often engage in routine activities and play
in the confines of where we feel safe and as such not experiencing many new things.

This challenge was designed to take us outside of our comfort zones and develop ourselves.

The Challenge

Pretty simple stuff really;


learn something new each month.

Things to help you


  • Identify your topic early

Prior to the start of the month you will have to identify something you wish to learn, develop, master or succeed at by the end of the month.  A good tip is to sit down and write a list of topics now, you can then allocate these to the respective months or just draw from the list as you wish.


  • Tell others

Making yourself accountable to others is a great catalyst for success. I have set up a facebook page ( A new thing a month )where you can state what you will learn by the end of the month.  You can then post how you went.  If you did something amazing- make a video and share it.  Use it to inspire others


  • Make it specific

The more you can narrow down what you are going to learn, the easier it will be and the less you will get side tracked.  For example saying you are going to learn about cars is much too broad.  Rather make a statement such as I am going to learn how the 4 step process works in a car engine.


  • Consider the timing

So you want to be able to stand up on a surfboard- great goal by the way.  But maybe leave that goal to a month which has both good surf conditions and as a good tip for learners not too cold.


  • Make it achievable

There is no point saying you are going to learn something in the space of a month that is impossible.  Yes, whilst it could be argued that nothing is impossible (and you’re awesome for thinking that by the way), the point of this is to succeed.  So the more manageable the better


  • Make it something you want

You will be much more strongly motivated to do something if it has a purpose, what better purpose than “I really want to be able to……”.  On that note if it is something that you are likely to replicate over time it has more chance of sticking in your mind.


  • Make a plan

Leaving stuff to the last minute creates stress and people don’t learn as well when stressed. So make a rough plan and put in some milestones, by week 1, 2, 3 etc.


  • Break it down

Subject too big- break it down over a few months.  By breaking things down it also seems much more achievable and you can focus on one area at a time.  Too often we fail in learning because we try and take in too much too quickly.  The point of this is to succeed, regardless of the scale.


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