Ok hopefully you have posted a comment in Part 1, if not- stop now, go back and post your response- it’s heaps more fun that way.

Ok so you’re back.  And have posted your response- well I’ve got no way of knowing, but well done if you did.

As this article ages (assuming it’s read and commented on) we should see the full spectrum of answers, we may even get academics (ooooh I should be careful with that word) quoting specific contact hours, volumes of learning and getting pretty emotional-just chill.

If you’re comment was along the lines of- “I need more info on the participants” then you’re ahead of the class.

Let’s go back to basics.

The competencies have already been defined.  Now we first have to consider each person as an individual- and for some this is actually a novel idea.

How long would it take a person of x to reach the desired point?  So for those who wanted some more information here it is.

I’ve provided 3 scenarios for you to consider:

1) Take Sarah, she has been working for a Registered Training Organisation for 15 years, has consistently been receiving excellent feedback from students and her management as has been consistently doing her professional development to stay abreast of current teaching and assessment practices- she’s on top of it.  However she has just been advised that she needs to upgrade her training and assessment Certificate to the new version (because everyone needs the new and shiny model).

2) Sam (take your pick on the gender) has been working as a school teacher for 20 years, again great feedback from all and recently won the national award for best teacher (ok I might have made that award up).  Sam is also seeking the Cert IV Training and Assessment, but has never worked in the VET sector.

3) Lastly Amy, straight out of school, well left school very early as she has huge issues with reading and writing, but a whiz in the kitchen – seriously her pies are amazing!  She is looking to train others to make amazing pies and wants to look legit and have a qualification- you guessed it the Cert IV Training and Assessment.

Considering the above information suggest:

how long the Certificate IV Training and Assessment should be run over.

You can provide a single response or tailor it to a specific scenario (pls reference 1, 2, or 3 in your answer).

Once you have posted your response head to the last part of this session.

One Response to How long should a training course be? (Part 2 of 3)
  1. Ok I feel kind of foolish now… I’ve been a trainer for an RTO (won’t mention the name) for over 10 years and I feel like an idiot for not seeing this coming. Our programs are run over 10 days which was the basis for my initial answer. You are right it does very much depend on the person as they may be able to RPL, like Sarah… So in this case I would say
    1 Sarah RPL
    2 Sam short course 5-10 days
    3 Amy- maybe go to TAFE over 6 months

    I hope I have redeemed myself now

    Well written by the way


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