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These templates are available for free for you to use.  Some of these will assist with the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or in the design of training sessions.

Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS) Template

The training and assessment strategy or TAS is a high level document normally showing the how a program will be delivered (Training) and assessed (Assessment).  There are many uses for a TAS, most commonly are for audit purposes, organisational planning, client communication and as frame of reference for those involved in the design, delivery assessment or administration of the program.

Download a simple TAS template

Contact Scope Training if you would like a detailed TAS template

Unit Outline Template

The unit outline details each unit (or cluster) which will be delivered or assessed.  The unit outline contains a schedule for both the delivery and assessment of that particular unit or cluster.  The unit outline has many uses including designing the program, organising resources and logistics and communicating key dates and information to students.

Download the Unit outline template

Session Plan Template

The session plan shows how an individual session will occur, it basically provides a road map for the delivery and assessment of a single session.  The topics covered are normally broken down into time-based sections to enable the consultant to effectively manage the session’s time.  The session plan can be used to ensure all the requirements are covered within the session, as a guide for the facilitator or as a redundancy in the case that another facilitator has to run the session.

Download the Session plan template

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