Scope Matrix Template

Scope Matrix Template

The Scope Matrix is a filtering tool used to define the project’s scope.  The scope matrix should be used post consultation to identify the project’s potential.  The ideas should then be listed in the matrix based upon their inherent value or requirement to the project.

Start with the essential’s column and ensure to only list items which are actually essential to the project’s success.  A good way to consider whether to place an item in this column is by asking the question: would the project fail if this was not included?

Once the essentials have been inserted, quickly assess the feasibility of the project- if you believe that you will struggle to meet these requirements it would be wise giving serious thought as to the achieve ability of the project.

Then list the remainder of the items based upon their relative importance: priority 1, 2 etc (obviously more columns can be added to suit).

Once completed place a “0” or “1” as per the legend.

The more items that can be determined as either inclusions or exclusions the better the scope will be defined.


Download a free Scope Matrix in Excel Format

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