Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)

Responsibility Assignment Matrix

The RAM in project management can be called by two names:

RAM Resource Allocation Matrix

In this use of the term the RAM is a document which aims to allocate the project’s resources to key tasks.  The same RAM template can be used, however the allocation of resources is an exercise performed in the early stages of a project.  The key WBS packages are identified then the RAM is used to allocate available resources as well as identify gaps which are not able to be covered with the current resource configuration.  This may require up skilling of those currently available, additional resources, contracting out specific works or reducing the scope.

RAM Responsibility Assignment Matrix

This use of the word RAM is indicative that the project is in planning or implementation. The RAM is used to assign resources to best complete the the project’s work.  It is also used in monitoring and controlling the work.


The RAM template can be used for both of the above purposes.


Download a free RAM Template in Word Format

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