What is PMBOK ® ?

P.M.B.O.K or often pronounced phonetically as Pimbok refers to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, not the Project Management Book of Knowledge as it is often referred.  It is a recognised trademark of the Project Management Institute also known as PMI and aims to set the standards to govern the best practice of Project Management.

The PMBOK ® guide is in its 5th edition is a continually improving guide developed and added to by practicing project managers, volunteer committees and the general public.

Your can buy the PMBOK ® 5th edition through a number of sources including the author’s site.  However the cheapest price I found was through Amazon.  The book can be downloaded as a paper back or for kindle so it can be read on mobile devices.

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: PMBOK(R) Guide

The 5th Edition is the most current and used as a basis for the PMP exam.  If you want to know how to pass the PMP exam a good starting point is the PMBOK guide.

Want some more details on the PMP exam as well as how to pass the PMP?


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  1. I’ve been looking around for the PMBOK for ages and this is a really great price. I also saw on the link you shared that they have second hand versions too. Considering….

  2. Thanks for the PMBOK link. Ordered it online and you’re right cheapest price even after postage to Melbourne


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