What does a Project Manager earn?

Identifying the earning capacity of a Project Manager is much like asking the length of a piece of string.  It’s varied and pay is very much linked to the complexity, return and industry in which the project is being run.  Whilst a junior Project Manager should earn around $50,000 -$70,000 AUD per annum, some industries remunerations will fall either side of this bracket.

Furthermore, the pay scale stretches enormously for a qualified Project Manager.  Scope Training consultants are often asked the question: “how much does a Project Manager earn in Australia?” and in short; A Project Manager in Australia earns on average $120,000 Australian Dollars, now on average a Project Manager working in Oil & Gas will be expected to exceed this by earning an average of $200,000 Australian Dollars.

The salary of a PM is normally based upon the industry

In terms of a Junior Project Manager or a role typically occupied by a holder of the Certificate IV in Project Management Practice the following may apply:

PM Coordinator

PM Coordinator IT

In terms of a Project Manager or position occupied by the holder of the Diploma of Project Management the following may apply:


Engineering PM pay

Construction PM Pay

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