Certificate IV Project Management RPL

Certificate IV Project Management Practice Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

The Certificate IV Project Management Practice is aimed at those working in a project team or project environment.

If you feel that you have demonstrated experience working in a Project environment or managing small projects you may be able to RPL this qualification.

We don’t allow direct booking as we need to ensure you are suitable for the qualification.  This assessment is free and does not commit you to the process.

Free RPL suitability assessment

Otherwise have a chat with us, Contact one of our friendly staff today on (08) 9321 6307 to find out more

For more information on the RPL process

Read more about the Certificate IV Project Management Practice


2 Responses to Certificate IV Project Management RPL
  1. Good afternoon,
    I have 17 years experience in both LPE and PM roles on projects with a budget between $2 – 500 M.
    I have no formal qualification and would like to know more of what is required for RPL
    Looking forward to hearing back,

    • Hi Ian,

      Based on your background RPL should be a simple process. The first step would be to identify the most suited qualification or qualifications. From your brief description, you may be considering the Diploma of Project Management or the Adv Dip PM (note the Adv Dip is based upon program management- so managing a portfolio and or project managers). Aside from the PM quals you could look at the management side (Dip Management, Dip Business etc) as well as Health and Safety.

      The process is super simple, we do an informal assessment- normally based upon your resume and a bit of a background (which can be gained through email, phone call or meeting). There is no charge for this process. Once we have determined that you are suitable for the selected qualification we commence the process. You are assigned a consultant to assist you through the process.

      Each approach is different based upon what works for you. Normally your consultant will provide high level direction about the types of documents to send. From there they will map your evidence against the requirements for the qualification. Where (if) gaps exist there are options such as interview questions, letter from managers, etc… The important point of difference is here at Scope we do all the mapping- which is the time consuming part. For most people with your background and experience it is a simple matter of submitting your existing documentation and letting us complete the assessment.

      I hope this helps and we will initiate contact via the email address provided


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