Diploma Project Management Workshop

Are you looking for an engaging experience to maximise your learning, extend your network and experience how projects are managed across different industries? 

A Certificate IV Project Management workshop is a great choice.  Scope has an excellent reputation for amazing workshops.  These are delivered by experienced project managers who love to help others learn and have a passion for developing others.

Corporate workshop

Engaging workshops

Learning should be enjoyable.  You’re not going to be hammered by droning PowerPoints, the Cert IV PM workshops include problem solving exercises, case studies and group discussions. 

The workshops are created with instructional design best practice and we believe learning should be fun.

We want you to be involved in the workshop, ask questions and make sure you come out with ways to solve your workplace problems.

Apply your learning

Project management is more about the application rather than memorising a ton of information. The workshops are designed to promote the development of problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration to shape your project management skills.

In the workshop you will be practically developing project tools such as schedules, risk registers and close out reports.

We want you to walk out with increased confidence that you can do the job.

Get ahead

Due to the practical nature of the workshops, you will find that after completing the activities you’ve actually completed quite a bit of your assessments.

Many who take the workshop model fast track their way to the qualification.

It reduces your assessment requirements and you’ve made a start. 

Workshops are also great for those with busy lives as they can take the time out to focus and escape the distractions of work or life.

Certificate IV Project Management Workshops

Delivered in capital cities across Australia.


Have 6 or more?
We can deliver a custom workshop right where you are, it's easy, contact us.

53 Responses

  1. Hi Shane,

    The Diploma of Project Management can be taken either via classroom (workshop) or online. Our next Dip PM workshop is in Perth on the 17th Feb and runs for 4 days.

    In regards to the online course you can commence at anytime and you have a year to complete.

    If you are already working as an experienced Project Manager you may be eligible to attain the qualification through our RPL (https://041.743.myftpupload.com/training-and-assessment/rpl/).

    I will have one of our staff contact you on the email supplied with some further details.

    Thanks for your comment Amy

  2. Hi,

    I live in Perth and want to study this course. Unfortunately I have missed the February workshop but can still pick up the online study option. I have researched many training providers and found the cost for this course varies markedly. What advantage would I have studying with Scope?



  3. Hi Julia,

    We find we are able to deliver affordable courses to our target market through low overheads such as marketing and large capital expenditure, not through the compromise of quality. Our continual excellent feedback and the high rate of referrals and repeat business from individuals and corporate clients can attest to this.

    The major benefits you will receive is training designed to suit your needs. For example I realise you have missed the Feb Diploma in PM course and would like to complete online; As an online scope student you are not limited to learning through online content, you are assigned a consultant who holds academic qualifications in the area (Most are qualified at a Masters Level) as well as proven success (not just experience) in industry, you are able to email, phone or even meet your consultant to support your learning.

    The learning and assessments are very practical and you can apply directly to your projects and get immediate results.

    Someone from admin should be contacting you to discuss further.

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you choose us in assisting your development

    Kind Regards

  4. Hi

    If I take this course online, do I have to complete the whole course (12 units) in 1 year or can I study it part-time and complete the it in 2 years?


  5. Hi Ed,

    By default we allow one year for completion. We can and do make exceptions on a case by case basis and could grant 2 years to complete if required- but that would need to be established upfront.
    To gain entry into the Diploma we look to see completion of either a certificate IV in PM or relevant industry experience. Most of our students are working professionals with current experience so we find that they are able to complete and attain the Diploma much faster.

    Feel free to give us a call and we can pass you onto a consultant to discuss further

  6. I reside in Darwin and would like to do this course online if I am eligible. My working experience is admin /technical support based on construction projects, project officer & executive officer of community based organisations. How much does this course cost and can I pay in instalments? Thank you

  7. Hi Monica and thanks for stopping by.

    We have had quite a few request for the Dip Project Management in Darwin so will keep you in touch if we schedule one soon. In terms of eligibility, the Diploma requires the demonstration of the required skills to “manage” a project. I will pass this on to one of our PM consultants who will confirm eligibility. If you have a resume handy are you able to email it to info@scopetraining.com.au that way i can pass that on to the team as well.

    Kind Regards

  8. Good Morning Brett,
    Thank you for your enquiry. As far as projects used for the assessment, at a Diploma level we prefer it to be a work based project instead of a personal one. Feel free to contact us at the office if you would like to discuss further as we would be happy to help. Office number is 08 9321 6307. Speak soon and regards, Melissa.

  9. Hey I really keen to do the Diploma PM, I got referred by my friend who did it through Scope last year and loved it. I’ve looked at the dates for Perth and they don’t work with my roster, is there any chance of doing the whole Diploma online and if so how would that work? I have been working as a Project Manager (engineering) for over 10 years managing multi-million dollar projects.

  10. Hi Alison,

    Glad to hear your friend had a great experience,

    Yes you are able to do the course fully online, a lot of students are taking this option due to its flexibility.
    An online course through scope isn’t like the conventional online delivery model, whilst the course is self-paced you are assigned a consultant who you can communicate with on an ongoing basis, through phone, email, or even have meetings with them. You can do what many students are doing and that is enrolling online and if you want to attend the workshop you just pay the difference and you can attend. It’s a great and flexible option.
    Also with your current experience have you considered RPL for the aspects which you may not require additional training?

    We will contact you to discuss your options,

    Thanks for your comment

  11. Hi Hien,

    We currently don’t have a Canberra workshop scheduled, but we run Corporate courses all over Australia. When our consultants are in the area they tend to alert their online students and have catch ups etc. We have a consultant who will be making a few visits to Canberra if you would like to have some coaching as part of your program.

    I will email you the details

  12. Hi I don’t have background in managenent but I am working in the building industry. I do have a good idea about most of the process from cocept drawings until job is delivered to client. Would I be eligible for this course and will the tasks be acheivable for me?

  13. Hey Rasha,

    We’ll get in contact with you to discuss your specific background. Generally for entry into the Diploma of PM you need either a Certificate IV in Project Management and/or industry experience. The way we run our workshops are generally aimed at those with working experience in the management of projects, this allows us to go deeper into the project management aspect as all the learners can quickly relate to the content. The Cert IV (not sure if you have looked at that) starts from first principles and great for those working in a project environment but without the management experience. Anyway we’ll contact you and see where you are at.

  14. could you please tell me what the cost is to study this diploma online through Scope? and what are the type of assesments required for modules? written or other video/audio?

  15. Hi Daniel,
    Thank you for contacting us. Our office will send out some details shortly via email.

  16. I would like to complete a project management course based in Perth. Ideally I am looking at a workshops, but would consider online training. Not a fan of online, but have received a great recommendation about scope so would like some more information.
    Thanks in advance

  17. Hi Nikki,

    Thank you very much for your enquiry. Please see our training calendar for upcoming workshops both in Perth and in the Eastern States: https://041.743.myftpupload.com/enrol-now/training-calendar/
    Online study gives you 12 months to complete your assessments with the assistance of an assigned staff member. You are welcome to call, email, Skype, or if in Perth, you are welcome to meet your trainer face to face for a coffee and catch up. Many students have found this really beneficial.
    You can commence your studies at any time and can contact the office directly for an enrolment form or register through the online system. Please give us a call or email if we can assist with any further enquiries. Have a great day and we look forward to assisting you with your qualification.

  18. Hi Mev,
    The online course is currently AUD$1880 and inclusive of all required resources, ongoing support and the issue of the qualification. Enrolments can be completed online HERE
    We look forward to working with you.

  19. Hi Steve, Thank you for your enquiry. HECS is not available for our courses however we offer students the opportunity to make split payments over 3 – 6 months. Please be in touch for further details – info@scopetraining.com.au

  20. Hi Jarrod,

    Our course is designed for you to attend only one workshop, however there is a practical post workshop assessment required. You will receive full support from our staff in completing your assessments. Please feel free to contact us if we can assist further. Thank you

  21. Good Morning,

    Apart from October/November course in Brisbane, will you have another before the end of the year in QLD?

    Thanks – Olivia.

  22. Hi, how come you don’t cover procurement management? And why is stakeholder management an elective and not a core unit? Also, I have look around and cannot find your course cost – I’m either blind or its placement is not easy to find. Thanks

  23. Hi Olivia,

    At the moment that is the only Dip PM course for QLD. If you are interested let us know of the dates which work and we will consider when scheduling future courses. In the meantime if you would like to commence online let us know. Quite a few students commence online then transition to workshops when the dates suit.

  24. We can cover procurement management and do for many corporate clients. The reason it was removed from our standard units is that many people didn’t believe they had sufficient elements of procurement within their position and as a result felt the qualification wasn’t suited. Within our workshops we cover procurement and contracts and have a Q&A session as it adds a great deal of value. We also have great online materials to support procurement and contract management.

    With respects to the stakeholder management unit not being a core; effectively this is out of our control. The qualification (and packaging rules) are developed by the government and we have to follow what is specified. As an aside, the previous ‘version’ of the Diploma had (from memory) 9 core units which followed the PMBOK- in my contention this one is substantially diluted.

    The course prices can be found at here; they differ for each method of study.

    Workshop Course Costs:https://041.743.myftpupload.com/enrol-now/training-calendar/ for this one select a course the price should be visible.
    Online Course Costs: https://041.743.myftpupload.com/enrol-now/online-courses/
    RPL Course Costs: https://041.743.myftpupload.com/enrol-now/rpl/

  25. Hey John,

    The fees are all inclusive. So yes it includes all the videos etc (I’m assuming this is the online library). You also receive full support from one of us cool consultants- phone, email, skype etc. or face to face meetings if we are close.

  26. Can you confirm if I am reading this correctly… I can do the online course over a year for $1,880, or I can go to a 4 day course (weekdays) and achieve the same diploma for $2,750? Is any pre-learning required before the 4 day course? Are there any advantages of face to face over online, other than the obvious?


  27. Just enquiring about doing the Diploma of Project Management if you could email me all the details of the course that would be great.

  28. Hi Jimmy,

    You are correct.

    The thing to consider is that the duration required to complete is different based upon the individual. If you are an experienced PM regardless of whether you take the online or workshop approach you should be able to achieve the qualification much faster than someone who has less experience. It really works on demonstrating your ability (in reference to the Diploma) to manage projects to industry standard. For example yes- some students complete after the 4 days; without exception these are Project Managers who have normally a substantive amount of experience- but yes it is possible as our assessments are based upon real world application; so we ask for things such as schedules, budgets, risk registers etc. AS you can imagine if you already have these, in effect you may have already met the requirements. This article is pretty good in explaining the duration of training: https://041.743.myftpupload.com/training-and-assessment/how-long-should-a-training-course-be-part-1-of-3/

  29. Thanks for enquiry, we will email out our current pricing for our Diploma of Project Management BSB51415.

  30. Hi,

    I’m just wondering if there would be any disadvantage to me partaking in the Diploma of Project Management online as opposed to the workshop? I am happy to do either but would like to know if there is any advantages/disadvantages either way.

    Many thanks,

  31. Hey Mike,

    I personally find the workshops are great for discussions/networking etc. whilst online allows you more flexibility and learn at your own pace. Also consider your learning style- do you learn more from face to face and discussion or from engaging in content such as videos articles etc. just really comes down to the individual and what you want out of it.

  32. Thank you for your enquiry, we have sent out the latest course fees for this course via email. Please note we offer students payment plans at no extra cost.

  33. Comment *Hi i am looking for the diploma in project management. Currently enrolled in a university and looking to do this as an additional as well as to enter the construction project management industry. Please could someone contact me? Thanks…

  34. Hi Gourab, thanks for your message! We’ve just sent you an email with the details about our Project Management Course. Let us know if you have any questions!

  35. Hi I’m currently a project supervisor and would like to complete a diploma in this field of work can you please email me some information for an online course


  36. Good morning and thank you for your inquiry: I will email you all the relevant information. We have our Perth workshop planned for later this month!

  37. Hey Daniella,
    We have a few different learning methods for our Dip PM – we’ve sent you an email with the deets!

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