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  1. I am interested in Cert IV in government investigation – regulatory compliance course .
    please advice and send the details of Cert IV in government ( via online mode) if it is helpful in gaining understanding of government processes before applying for the compliance course.

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you Manisha, the online course for the Certificate IV in Government PSP40116 can be commenced at anytime. We will email out further details in relation to current pricing and the units we offer.

    Thank you very much again,

  3. Hi there.
    I am currently working with a Melbourne council in the on street compliance branch.
    I wish to undertake the course. Are you able to provide me with more details.
    Thank you.

  4. Hi Simon, our Certificate IV in Government PSP40116 is run fully online and can be commenced at any time. Students have twelve (12) months to complete their self paced studies. We will send you out further information including enrolment details via email. Thank you

  5. I am interested in a Certificate IV in Government. You mentioned it can be down online but also mentioned corporate workshops? do I have to attend a corporate workshop if I want to do it online?

  6. Hi Jan,
    The course can be completed fully online and you will receive ongoing support from our training staff including face to face meetings where available – we always enjoy an excuse to go out for coffee! We will get some information out to you with the cost and our payment plan option for no extra costs. Thank you

  7. Hi Matt,
    Thank you for your enquiry into our Certificate IV in Government via Recognition of Prior Learning. We have emailed you more information in regards to our process. The best place to start is to send through to info@scopetraining.com.au a brief email with either a position description, current resume attached and/or a quick paragraph on your work history in relation to your work. We will then assess your suitability – this comes at no cost and you are not obligated to go ahead. It allows both parties to be informed and start on the same page.

    Please note the big difference with our process is that our staff do all the mapping work not you. This makes this a time saving process for our students. While you will be asked to supply evidence, we will be doing the time consuming work. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  8. Hi Aaron, thanks for your enquiry! We will send you all the relevant information. Feel free to get in touch once received.

  9. Could you please inform me what the course price is send information to email address including payment plans would be much appreciated.

  10. Good morning Carla: our course fees are outline on their respective outline page: the Cert IV in Govt online proces starts at $3150 for our Silver package. Feel free to contect the office on 0893216307 to chat about your options, or LIVE chat with us during business hours

  11. In relation to course fees for Cert IV in Government, do you apply the SkillsFirst (Victoria) subsidy to the overall cost and if so, how much is this course with the subsidy?

  12. Thanks for your inquiry: we are not a subsidised provider under the SkillsFirst program: our course fees are competitive though, and can be found under the Cert IV Govt Online study tab 🙂

  13. I am interested in receiving more information regarding the course and prices. Could someone please send me an email with further information? Thank you!

  14. Thanks for your enquiry Jessica – we’re excited you’ll be jumping on board with us soon!

    We’ve just sent you an email with instructions to proceed with enrolment. Simply click “Study online” at the top of the course page, and select which online study method you would like to proceed with. It will take you through the enrolment process from there.

    Let us know if you have any further questions!

  15. I’m interested in the Cert 4 in government. Could you please send me the information required to enrol in the course along with the timing, fees and location of study.
    Thanks and regards,

  16. Thanks for your enquiry Zubair!
    We’ve just sent you the details for our Cert IV in Government, keep an eye out for the email!
    We look forward to hearing from you.

    The Scope Training Team

  17. Hey Sarah, thanks for letting us know you’re looking into this course! We’ve just emailed you through an information pack.

    Let us know if we can answer any more of your questions!

  18. Hi Mark,
    We’ve just emailed you through a quick info pack for the course.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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