Certificate IV Government (Financial Services) PSP40512

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  • Nationally Recognised: YES

  • Qualification Code: PSP40512

  • Number of units: 15

  • Delivery Method: Online, Corporate Workshops, Skills Recognition (RPL)


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    Relevant qualification

    There are no pre-requisite qualifications required for this course.  However there are a number of other qualifications from industry areas such as Business, Health and Safety etc where units can be used to supplement the requirements.  If you have completed any courses at a Certificate IV or Diploma level please notify Scope Admin upon your enrolment.  Many participants of this program are tertiary qualified professionals currently or seeking to work in the public sector.   If you would like to discuss your acceptance based upon your existing qualifications please contact our friendly team. 

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    Work Experience

    Many students enter this qualification without holding an existing qualifications. As the programs are designed based upon the work environment, experience within that environment is an acceptable point of entry.  In regards to the Certificate IV of Government, this may include but not limited to experience within a public sector environment, either this may be either as a team member, supervisor or manager etc. If you would like to discuss your acceptance based upon your existing experience please contact our friendly team. 

  1. Little to no previous experience

    200-500 hours

  2. 6 months or less experience in a public sector environment

    50-300 hours

  3. 6 Months to 2 years experience in a public sector environment

    20-100 hours

  4. 2 years plus experience in a public sector environment

    30 minutes (through RPL) to 50 hours

We provide students with the ability to complete the Certificate IV in Government (Financial Services)  over a one year period; however we find that the average time is between 3 to 6 months.  During that time there is a large variance in the amount of time each student spends working on the qualification.  Please contact our staff if you would like an estimate based upon your individual situation

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    PSPETH002 Uphold and support the values and principles of public service

    Are you able to work effectively in a public sector environment?

    The key outcomes for this unit are to demonstrate your contribution to an ethical workplace and participate in making ethical decisions.

    Contributing to an ethical workplace includes; accessing, discussing and applying information on ethical values with management and colleagues, assisting others to access public sector ethics legislation, explaining the difference between ethics and personal beliefs to others as well as identifying and discussing strategies on what would constitute unethical behaviours and how to avoid and or deal with them.

    Participating in ethical decision making includes; identifying issues and using decision making processes to resolve, maintaining currency of ethical requirements, supporting others in ethical decision making and preventing and reporting cases of unethical conduct.

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    PSPGEN023 Deliver and monitor service to clients

    Do you deliver a service to customers?

     The key outcomes for this unit include; identifying the needs of clients, delivering a service, monitoring and improvement and reviewing the service.

    Client needs identification requires you to assess the services required as well as identifying possible issues and recommending the best action.

    Delivering a client service includes; responding to client enquiries and tailoring communications to specific needs, negotiating difficult situations and resolving as well as your ability to follow departmental process.

    Monitoring a service involves the regular assessment of service delivery and the provision of feedback to improve service, the communication of changes (policy etc.) and seeking assistance on complex or high risk issues.

    Reviewing the client service will require a documented review against customer service procedure, seeking client feedback as well as applying continuous improvement to service delivery

  3. 3
    PSPGEN029 Value diversity

    How do you promote the benefits of a diverse workforce?

     This unit will require demonstration of promoting diversity as well as contributing to related outcomes.

    Promoting diversity will include; the analysis of the workgroup, explanation of issues, promoting training/awareness programs and being an advocate.

    Contributing to diversity outcomes requires current knowledge of diversity practices, developing a range of communication styles to assist others and providing feedback.

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    PSPGEN043 Apply government processes

    Do you have a good understand of government function and process?

    The key outcomes of this unit are; Applying information on the machinery of government, knowledge of government function and protocols.

    The required information in relation to the machinery of government includes having a clear understanding of aspects such as; departmental structure and role definition.

    The application of knowledge of organisational functions include knowledge of organisational structure and key personnel, key areas of work and approvals structure

    Knowledge of protocols include; understanding current government protocols and how they are followed by you and in your department.

  5. 5
    PSPLEG002 Encourage compliance with legislation in the public sector

    Do you encourage others to work within the legislation?

    This unit has two broad aspects; assisting others to comply with legislation and acting on non-compliance.

    Assisting others is concerned with the utilisation of your current knowledge of public sector legislation to model best practice as well as to share a common interpretation and assist others in accessing legislation.

    Dealing with non-compliances requires you to communicate consequences of non-compliance to others, including actions which may causes breaches.  You will also be required to demonstrate your ability to act on possible breaches and explain how they could be reported in line with departmental procedures.

  6. 6
    PSPPCY004 Support policy implementation

    Do you implement workplace policy?

    The key aspects of this unit are to; identify, implement, monitor and report on policy within a public sector environment.

    Identifying policy is based upon the identification of relevant policy relating to role.

    Implementing policy will require the interpretation and application of policy to your role.  It will also involve you to support others affected by policy especially in adjusting work practices to align with policy requirements.

    Monitoring and reporting will require you to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of policy to your work area.

  7. 7
    PSPOHS301A Contribute to workplace safety

    Do you contribute to a safe work environment?

    The workplace safety unit is based upon effective contribution to a safe workplace within a government department. The two main aspects are contribution to health and safety and dealing with hazards and risks in the workplace.

    Contribution to health and safety involves addressing and reporting issues to relevant personnel as well as making safety related contributions in your department.

    The hazards and risk section is involved with following appropriate procedures in the identification, control and reporting of hazards and risks in the workplace.

  8. 8
    PSPGEN033 Use advanced workplace communication strategies

    Do you engage in workplace communication?

    This unit will require dealing with complex issues, providing direction, managing meetings and delivering presentations in the workplace.

    Dealing with complex issues will require evidence of working with clients to identify, action and document actions to resolve enquiries or complaints.

    Providing direction will require clear, reasonable directions to others.

    Managing meetings involves, establishing clear purpose and agenda in order to effectively chair meetings.  Facilitate meetings which are summarised in clear minutes.

    Delivering presentations to different audiences, these will need structure, supporting resources or materials to suit the target group as well as a review for the purpose of continuous improvement.

  9. 9
    PSPGEN304 Compose complex workplace documents

    Do you develop complex documents?

    The main requirements are to show you can interpret requirements in order to develop and edit complex documents.

    Interpretation will require research from trusted sources, ensuring the correct context (including cultural) and relevance as well as advising relevant stakeholders of any implications.

    Developing documents includes developing a purposeful well-structured document.  You will also need so show how you scoped the content as well as a final review to ensure it meets all public sector and departmental requirements.

    Editing the document will require evidence of proof-reading, making recommendations and amending in order to obtain approval.

  10. 10
    PSPGEn038 Identify and treat risks

    Do you identify and control risks in the workplace?

    This unit is concerned with risks ranging from a broad context of roles and functions in the public sector, such as financial, legal, operational, technological and safety.  You will need to show evidence of the risk journey, from establishing the context, risk identification, analysis, evaluation, control and review.

    Setting the context involves developing a scope for risk management such as the activities, the people and the environment where the process will be applied.  You will also have to identify suitable criteria for the evaluation of risks.

    Risk identification and analysis is involved with working with others in scanning the environment to scan and document risks.  Once identified you will analyse the probability and consequence of the risks in collaboration with others.

    Risk evaluation will require you to rank the risks using your risk matrix and determine which pose a great threat to your department or the organisation.  You will be required to detect risks which are not currently adequately controlled.

    Risk control involves the consideration of treatment options and the development of a risk treatment plan which will be implemented to reduce the risk to the department.

    Risk review will involve scanning the environment for changes as well as reviewing the effectiveness of your risk treatment plan in order to provide input to the organisation.

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    PSPGEN076 Use public sector financial processes

    Do your responsibilities include aspects of financial processes?

    This unit requires the identification of financial requirements and how they application to the public sector as well as the implementation of these requirements.

    To demonstrate the identification of financial processes you will need to show which elements for the financial management framework are relevant to your role, show delegation requirements in your business area.

    In order to demonstrate the implementation of the financial requirements you will need to undertake the processing of finance-based tasks as well as the application of internal controls.

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    BSBFIA401A Prepare financial reports

    Do you prepare financial reports?

    This unit is composed of 3 main parts; working with an asset registry, recording and preparing journals and preparing end of period reports.

    You will need to show your ability to maintain an assets register which will include preparing a register of property, plant and other fixed assets, show your understanding of depreciation calculations as well as maintaining this in accordance with organisational policy.

    Recording journals will involve the recording of depreciation, disposals as well as expense and revenue adjustments for prepayments and accruals.  You will also need to show how you record bad debts and adjust ledgers for inventories etc. in order to finalise accounts.

    Preparing final accounts involves making entries for balance day adjustments, posting revenue and expense in order to finalise general ledger accounts.

    Preparing end of period reports will involve preparing items such as revenue statements, balance sheets as well as identifying and correcting any errors.

  13. 13
    BSBFIA402A Report on financial activity

    Do you report to statutory bodies?

    This unit is composed of three key requirements; compilation of financial information, preparation of statutory reporting and provision of financial recommendations.

    Compilation of financial information is involved with the collection, evaluation and coding of data.  The recording and communication of assets and liability and resolving any discrepancies.

    Preparation of statutory reports will require you to identify all relevant receipts, record income and expenditure, calculate tax and other liabilities in order to take advantage of all benefits when submitting statutory reports.

    Provision of financial and business recommendations will require constructive feedback for the improvement of process as well as the identification of risks and issues.

  14. 14
    FNSACC404 Prepare financial statements for non-reporting entities

    Do you report on financial matters?

    This unit is similar to BSBFIA402 – Report on financial activity however it is concerned with financial reporting to entities where the isn’t a statutory requirement.  This may include other departments within the organisation or other government departments as parts of funding or projects.  It comprises of two aspects; compiling data and secondly preparing reports.

    Compiling data requires coding, classifying and quality checking for consistency and accuracy

    Preparing reports requires the development of reports and associated components such as graphs, charts to enable clear readable and comprehensive reports.

  15. 15
    FNSACC402A Prepare operational budgets

    Do you prepare operational budgets?

    This unit is composed of three parts; preparing the budget, setting time frames and documentation.

    Budget preparation requires confirming objectives, forecasts as well as cash, expenditure and revenue ites with relevant stakeholders to promote cooperation in understanding requirements.

    Setting of time frames involves the identification of milestones as well as a breakdown of annual budgets into relevant periods; seasons, quarters etc.

    Producing the budget requires the presentation of easily understood data into an accurate report which is distributed within the agreed time frame.

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      We currently run the Cert IV Gov (Financial Services) to a number of government departments as workshops. Each is tailored to suit the needs of the specific department. We have just started offering the course for online and recognition of prior learning, but currently we don’t have the demand to run public workshops. If there were a few in your area interested (at least 4) we could look at running a workshop for your group.

      Kind Regards

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