Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Course Snapshot

  • Nationally Recognised: No

  • Time frame: 1/2 day or full day available


This workshop will ensure participants receive strategies and skills on effective interpersonal communication with those around them. Moreover, this Interpersonal and Communication Skills training will help staff receive verbal and non-verbal messages more clearly and improve relationships in general.

Recommended Outcomes:

    • Describe the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and interpersonal communication skills and develop and practise strategies to be more effective.
    • Use congruent verbal and non-verbal communication
    • Build rapport
    • Effectively question and listen to others
    • Engage in positive two-way communication that avoids communication breakdown
    • Read, analyse and respond to situations
    • Tailor communication to suit the style of others
    • Communicate in an effective and calming way with people who are angry or upset.
    • Describe the basic principles of assertive behaviour
    • Speak up and get a point of view across assertively
    • Recognise the benefits of being assertive
    • Give feedback to others in a positive, constructive manner
    • Positively influence others to see where you are coming from
    • Avoid manipulation by others and respect opinions