Project Management

Price is often used by consumers to incorrectly differentiate the “quality” of products.  It’s basic psychology and a marketers favourite tool. Let’s assume that I place 2 identical items for sale one for $100 and the other for $20.  A customer will automatically start making some judgements on the grade of two products based on […]

Quality versus Grade   *Please note there is a language warning in this article. What is the difference between quality and grade? Before you become too invested in this article, note that it has been written on a light hearted keyboard.  If you want the serious version, using proper examples, head this way fine Sir. […]

Every Management workshop I have ever attended whether at university or for professional development is underpinned by a recurring theme: managers do things right. That generally translates into having a structure of systems and enforcing conformance through a clear and fair process.  Most aptly that system is based around policies and processes designed to protect the company […]

Is Agriculture ready to take over from mining as the sector for growth and opportunity?  Will it ride the same roller coaster or learn from its lessons? After spending last week in Muresk and now sitting in my accommodation in Newman, I can clearly see a tangible shift in two of our largest industries; resources and agriculture. […]

What is PMBOK ® ? P.M.B.O.K or often pronounced phonetically as Pimbok refers to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, not the Project Management Book of Knowledge as it is often referred.  It is a recognised trademark of the Project Management Institute also known as PMI and aims to set the standards to govern the best practice […]

This is an example following a case study at the end of the Start to Finish Relationship article. It presents the following case: Schedule the following activities to allow concrete to be poured, note we are assuming that we need to pour within 90 minutes from the time the concrete is mixed to pouring. Completed the […]

Start to Finish relationships in Project Management Seriously, I don’t think I’ve seen such a simple topic cause so much confusion in the project management community.  I guess one of the principle causes for confusion lies in the lack of practical examples, so let’s clear it up by providing some practical examples of start to finish […]

Cost Estimation Sheet Template The cost estimation sheet can be used to estimate the labour and materials cost of a project. Whilst cost calculations can be performed within a range project management software including Microsoft Project many Project Managers choose to deal with cost in a stand alone fashion. The cost estimation sheet template can be used […]

Cost Management Plan Template The Cost Management Plan is a document used to communicate the agreed process and detail to enable effective cost management. The cost management plan should be developed in conjunction with relevant project stakeholders and signed by a representative from the Project Organisation (such as Project Director or Project Manager) as well as the […]