The order of operations

Facebook and linkedin are littered with seemingly simple puzzles   For some reason these tend to draw masses of comments and create pretty sizable arguments.  This is largely as many people are not aware (or overlook) the concept of the order of operations. Whilst the video on the order of operations explains it quite well […]

Innovation in Education

The world around us changes at a rapid rate, the emergence of disruptive technologies seem to be the ever present reality. The replacement of our existing technology with newer, better models, functions, features and effectively leading us to replace what we hold in the perpetual chase for the newest. Arguably and until recently innovation in […]

Amazon Student

Ok so Amazon is basically the gateway for online shopping, they have just created a new offering called Amazon student. This is a good place to find cheap text books for your courses. They also have a referral credit system where you can earn $10 for each social media referral, so you maybe able to […]

How to make word automatically update links

How to make word automatically update links If you would like to open a word document and automatically have your linked data update read on because it’s not actually setup to do this by default. By default whilst word may have the automatic links box checked in the general options it doesn’t always allow for […]

Inserting a table of contents in Microsoft Word

Inserting a table of contents in Microsoft Word There are two ways to insert a table of contents in word; the hard way and the easy way.  A few versions of Microsoft Word ago, it was only the hard way. The hard way (still utilised by many users) involves creating headings on a page then […]

Using Styles in Microsoft Word

Using Styles in MS Word Microsoft Word provides a function called styles which enable quick document formatting as well as enabling consistency across the document.  Rather manually formatting each heading and text body you can uses the styles function. There are some styles already built into Microsoft Word and you can also make your own. […]

Start to Finish Example

This is an example following a case study at the end of the Start to Finish Relationship article. It presents the following case: Schedule the following activities to allow concrete to be poured, note we are assuming that we need to pour within 90 minutes from the time the concrete is mixed to pouring. Completed the […]

Start to finish Relathionships

Start to Finish relationships in Project Management Seriously, I don’t think I’ve seen such a simple topic cause so much confusion in the project management community.  I guess one of the principle causes for confusion lies in the lack of practical examples, so let’s clear it up by providing some practical examples of start to finish […]

Understanding task relationships in MS Project Part 3

Different scheduling relationships Many schedulers simply link tasks due to the assumption that they will perform task A, upon completion commence task B and so on.  Again this is using a resource constraint and is a short sighted view.  As discussed in Understanding task relationships Part 2, we should only create task dependence based upon […]

Understanding task relationships in MS Project Part 2

Scheduling Constraints Linking from part 1 of this article, what answers did you get? If you haven’t read part 1– stop cheating- go back and complete the exercise. The answers will vary based upon the logic you have used.  In short there is no one correct answer, real life project management is the same.  Each […]

Understanding task relationships in MS Project Part 1

Different relationships in MS Project Part 1 Microsoft Project makes a few default assumptions, one of the more annoying ones is setting tasks to manually schedule rather than defaulting to automatic mode.  But there are others which are less noticeable and which many project managers should really check if they are the best choice. In […]

filling a series in excel

FILLING A SERIES IN EXCEL Excel is designed to save you time Each time you sense a routine, Excel normally has a way to automate it. Filling series are a great time saver and so simple to master.  Consider the example of creating a monthly roster or calendar where we commonly use days of the […]


HOW TO WRITE BASIC FORMULA IN EXCEL The key to writing formulas in excel is understanding Microsoft Excel’s logic. As humans when we consider an equation, we first think the values of the argument.  For example if we are to multiple 3 and 5 our brains would naturally structure it like this: 3 * 5= ?. However […]