Project Management made simple


The etymology of formal project management has its roots in key industries; construction, engineering and defence, where a formal application was required to effectively manage complex projects.

Given the respective scale of these projects the approach had to be robust in preventing the core of the project from stakeholders; large teams, contractors and the organisation.  The viewpoint was that everything revolved around the project and by default everything was centered around the project manager.

Project Management has long been a directive approach, rather than one of collaboration.  There are multiple elements which can be linked to the causation; scale, control, communication, the PM was the technical expert and so on.

However contemporary projects aren’t limited to the original key industries; currently project management dominates the landscape in the delivery of health, information technology, education, the arts, event management just to name a few.  Project Managers also aren’t always the “technical experts” they are more becoming those with the skill set to drive and deliver change.

As a result Project Management has to evolve.

The dominant methodologies are still heavily relied upon by organisation for which they were developed, however the application of complex methodologies, systems and tools are not always applicable to a smaller scale, multidisciplinary approach such as business improvement or change management projects.

Research was engaged into the development of a methodology to suit the management of small to medium sized projects across a range of industries.  This was validated through testing; with the inclusion of 2 pilot studies across a range of projects and industries.

The result is the Airport Methodology.

This methodology will be live in early 2017.

Contact the project manager Nic Thomas ( ) to express your interest and receive notification of when the methodology becomes live.

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