In Australia accredited training can take on different meaning based upon the perspective of the individual; for example accredited training for an employee may be training which has been approved by the organisation, within a university environment it usually means that the training will contribute towards an enrolled degree etc. However and most commonly the […]

What is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) What is an RTO? A Registered Training Organisation or RTO is a provider of Vocational Education and Training authorised to issue nationally recognised qualifications.  There are 2 main types of RTO’s: Private and Public RTO’s. Public RTO’s, formally known as TAFE’s are government funded institutes established to provide […]

WHAT IS RPL What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)? RPL, more formally known as Recognition of Prior Learning is simply a skills assessment.  It’s a pathway which recognises a student’s previous work achievements and competencies in view of attaining a nationally recognised qualification. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is offered to students who currently possess […]

FILLING A SERIES IN EXCEL Excel is designed to save you time Each time you sense a routine, Excel normally has a way to automate it. Filling series are a great time saver and so simple to master.  Consider the example of creating a monthly roster or calendar where we commonly use days of the […]

HOW TO WRITE BASIC FORMULA IN EXCEL The key to writing formulas in excel is understanding Microsoft Excel’s logic. As humans when we consider an equation, we first think the values of the argument.  For example if we are to multiple 3 and 5 our brains would naturally structure it like this: 3 * 5= ?. However […]

Manual Scheduling or Automatic Scheduling ?  A Microsoft Project Question OK so I recently made a nice video for a corporate client which can be found on In essence MS Project has two options for scheduling: Manual and Automatic.  These can be found in the Task Mode column. By default (and I suggest you change […]