Cost Estimation Sheet Template The cost estimation sheet can be used to estimate the labour and materials cost of a project. Whilst cost calculations can be performed within a range project management software including Microsoft Project many Project Managers choose to deal with cost in a stand alone fashion. The cost estimation sheet template can be used […]

Cost Management Plan Template The Cost Management Plan is a document used to communicate the agreed process and detail to enable effective cost management. The cost management plan should be developed in conjunction with relevant project stakeholders and signed by a representative from the Project Organisation (such as Project Director or Project Manager) as well as the […]

What is a Unique Student Identifier (USI) Starting in 2015 any student undertaking a nationally recognised qualification in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector will need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This becomes a unified way for all Registered Training Organisations to store student information. Essentially the USI keeps a student’s VET […]

With the new year practically upon us there’s no better time to discuss the age old issue of setting objectives. Prior to midnight millions of people will count down to a new year already filled with promises and expectations, but for how many will those expectations be realised? The truth of the matter (well according […]

Tips for lessons learned in Project Management Do it The excuse of “there isn’t enough time” has long expired. The rationale behind this is the premise that it takes longer to study the challenges of others than to actively experience the same situation and solve it for yourself- clearly this has been dismissed. It doesn’t […]

Who is the client? Easy enough question or so I would have thought. It’s one of my standard questions when conducting Project Management Training. What often comes next is ….. silence.  After a bit of encouragement the responses start to flow, many with little confidence in their answers. Know who your client is and be […]

What is a Project Manager and what does a Project Manager do? A Project Manager’s role will differ based upon the size, nature, complexity and the industry in which the project is being implemented.  However in broad terms a Project Manager is responsible for the successful implementation of the project to achieve agreed objectives. In […]

What does a Project Manager earn? Identifying the earning capacity of a Project Manager is much like asking the length of a piece of string.  It’s varied and pay is very much linked to the complexity, return and industry in which the project is being run.  Whilst a junior Project Manager should earn around $50,000 […]

What is Project Management? Project Management is the effort expanded to yield the successful delivery of the project’s outcomes.  It is usually defined as staged process whereby a project is initiated, planned, executed, controlled and reviewed.  However Project Management is far more involved; it is the coordination of an integrated range of knowledge and skill […]

What is a Project? There are many ways to define a project; the most adopted are: A project is a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. PMBOK v6 ¨A project consists of a unique set of processes consisting of coordinated and controlled activities with start and end dates, performed to […]

Codes in Nationally Recognised Training The are 3 types of codes typically used in Nationally Recognised Training, these are; Training Package Codes Qualification Codes Unit Codes Training Package Codes These codes assign a unique identifier for each training package.  The convention applied for most training packages is three letters followed by 2 numbers. The letters are […]

In Australia accredited training can take on different meaning based upon the perspective of the individual; for example accredited training for an employee may be training which has been approved by the organisation, within a university environment it usually means that the training will contribute towards an enrolled degree etc. However and most commonly the […]