Shoot down the plane (destroying the idea)   I find amongst project and program managers an optimistic outlook in the initial phase of the project; a childlike view that everything will be fine.  As the project elapses this view often becomes tarnished by the harsh reality, which was, casually ignored. This attitude has the potential […]

Nic Thomas was a recent keynote speaker at the Insources 2017 International VET Conference held in Sydney in June 2017. Nic spoke on the topic of quality in the Vocational Education and Training sector and expressed that to make for an effective VET system, we need to collaborate. The keynote speech was delivered in his […]

A TAS or Training and Assessment Strategy is a high-level view of a program.  The intention is to convey information such as; The qualification (if applicable) The units Any clustering (grouping) of units The target group The method of delivery The method of assessment Timeframes for delivery and assessment Qualified delivery and assessment staff Required […]

What is a program risk methodology?   Most of us are familiar with the process of risk management; identify, analyse, manage and so on- if you want more information it’s quite nicely bundled up within the International Standards for Risk Management: ISO 31000:2009.  However, the concept of a program risk management methodology seems quite foreign […]

The Process Contract This post is not intended to provide legal advice, nor be specific to your individual situation.  It is to provide a broad view of process contracts within a procurement framework. What are Process Contracts? With regards to the procurement process it has been a long held belief that there is a single […]

The Project’s Business Case It’s a shocking reality that many Project Managers have never sighted their project’s business case.  It’s true that a Business case takes many different shapes and sizes and called by many different names for that matter, however there are some identifying elements which should be present in every business case. What […]

2016 VET Conference in Parramatta Ethical Marketing Presented by Nic Thomas This video covers the first part of the presentation, due to tech issues ( which seemed to plague the session) only half the session was recorded. The remaining can be viewed through the slides below.   The full presentation slides

Project Management made simple   The etymology of formal project management has its roots in key industries; construction, engineering and defence, where a formal application was required to effectively manage complex projects. Given the respective scale of these projects the approach had to be robust in preventing the core of the project from stakeholders; large teams, […]

The new thing a month challenge Background Learning should be a constant ongoing part of our lives, but lets face it we are all busy.  Admittedly some more than others.  In the midst of being busy we often engage in routine activities and play in the confines of where we feel safe and as such […]