Projects range from unique work which may take days to complete to super projects which can span over decades. The issue is many organisations use the same approaches in the management of projects across the spectrum. However, should we apply the same rigour that we do to a high-risk complex project to a small scale […]

Historically and, dare I say, academically, thinking was logically sequenced: identifying problems, gathering information, seeking alternatives, consideration and selection prior to decision. In modern times many have handed over their thinking to technology. Algorithms automate the process and simply direct the human to the ‘answer’. Beware my friend, the robots are hungry and want this […]

Last year the Australian Government released as part of its stimulus for business package a wage reimbursement scheme. In short, hire an eligible worker and put them as an apprentice or trainee and the business could receive 50% of that employees wage back. 100,000 places were offered and in February 2020 these were exhausted – […]

You’re starting contract management too late. Pop Quiz: When should contract management start? Well, it’s not tough to work; once the contract has been formed, the agreement (contract) can be managed.  Hence from a literal basis contract management starts after contract award.  Simple, and consistent with responses I get when I ask this question of […]

On face value procurement seems a lot like buying things, however whilst procurement captures purchasing it involves so much more to ensure value for the organisation. The key steps of procurement are: Needs Analysis Procurement is designed to meet a need. Generally the acquisition of a good or service to meet a requirement, solve a […]

Research has proven the positive correlation between proactive measures to monitor and promote a safety culture and increased business profitability. Because of this, businesses should pay close attention to workplace safety and consider factors that affect the health, well-being, and safety of their employees. Strengthening processes such as drills, equipment controls, safety training programs, as […]

Not everyone wants to collaborate   Workplaces are centred around different departments [teams] in order to deliver.   Arguably, if these teams didn’t exist the organisation would not be able to perform. The underlying assumption in most workplaces is that team work yields results; get a bunch of randoms together and magic will happen.  The practical […]

This is a great question, one which should be asked more often.  As managers, we are often asked to also become managers of risk.  Whilst we can quickly define risks as events of uncertainty, the management of these events is going to vary based upon the situation. Story 1: The fundamentalist approach I recall conducting […]