Training Terms and Conditions

Delivery Methods

Workshops (Project Management Only): When attending a Scope Training workshop, Scope Training will provide and facilitate:

  • All learning content and resources (electronic and hard-copy)
  • In-class assessments where appropriate
  • Catering for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea daily
  • 12 months post-workshop to complete the qualification and submit final assessments
Online: Students will be provided interactive learning content to assist through to completion of the qualification. Assessments are downloaded through the Learning Management System (LMS) and submitted through the LMS for grading.
Recognition of Prior Learning: Students will be allocated to a Training Consultant to open the discussion of competency criteria and types of evidence eligible for submission. The Training Consultant will drive the submission process, no learning material or content is provided.
All students: All students will be allocated a Training Consultant upon enrolment who will be the main point of contact throughout the course. They will be contactable via email as a primary method, the Training Consultant may then also choose to share their personal mobile details and arrange Zoom or face-to-face meetings depending on their availability and logistics.

Time Frames

Workshops (Project Management Only): Workshop students are allocated 12 months from the workshop completion date to submit their final assessments and be issued their final qualification.
Online (Silver): Online Silver students are allocated 12 months from enrollment date to complete the course and be issued their final qualification. For online students, commencement date is assumed to be once login details are sent.
Online (Gold): Online Gold students are allocated 18 months from enrollment date to complete the course and be issued their final qualification. For online students, commencement date is assumed to be once login details are sent.
Recognition of Prior Learning: RPL students are allocated 12 months from enrollment date to submit their evidence for grading and be issued their final qualification. For RPL students, commencement date is assumed to be once an enrolment confirmation is sent.
All Students: Scope Training is very flexible and is happy to open the discussion regarding extensions if need be. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and students may be charged up to $300 per request depending on the length of the extension requested.

Payment Options

Upfront payment: This transaction will be processed using the Stripe online Credit Card processing facilities. Scope Training will not charge an additional fee for using this payment method. An automated receipt will be sent through upon purchase.
Payment Plan: This will break payments down into six (6) equal monthly payments charged over six consecutive months on the same date. Scope Training does not charge an additional fee to set this up. Each monthly transaction will be processed using the Stripe online Credit Card processing facilities. An automated receipt will be sent through on each transaction charge.
In the event that a student incurs three (3) declined charges in consecutive months, the enrolment will be placed on hold until a charge can be made to resume the billing cycle.
Should a student need to change their billing cycle they are advised to contact Scope administration in writing to change the date of the next charge.
Should a student complete their qualification within six (6) months and the payment plan has not been completed, they will not be provided their qualification until the balance has been paid.
Invoice: A third party may be issued a tax invoice to pay student fees on their behalf. Purchase Orders can be added to the invoice if required for processing by the third party. Enrolment will not be confirmed until a Purchase Order or a remittance has been provided.

Fees and Charges

Scope Training is entitled to charge fees for services provided to students undertaking a course of study. These charges are generally for items such as course materials or text books, student services and training and assessment services. All fees quoted by Scope Training for nationally accredited training are GST-free as this is not charged on any nationally accredited training.
Fees are payable prior to enrolment. Scope Training may discontinue training if fees are not paid as required. For a full list of current fees and charges please request a copy Scope Training Schedule of Fees and Charges.
Full payment must be received prior to issuance of any qualifications.
Cooling Off Period: A fourteen (14) day cooling off period applies to all enrolments. However, if you commence training or submit assessment evidence in this time you are deemed to have agreed to a contract of training and the cooling off period is voided.
Giving Notice of Enrolment Cancellation: A student who wishes to cancel their enrolment must give notice in writing via email. Scope Training staff who are approached with initial notice of cancellation are to ensure the student understands their rights with regards to the refunding of tuition fees. The student is also to be advised of other options such as suspending the enrolment and re-commencing in another scheduled training program.
Students who give written notice to cancel their enrolment and who are eligible for a refund are to be provided with a Refund Request Form. Students who may not be eligible but are requesting a refund should also be provided with the request form so the request can be properly considered by the Chief Executive Officer.
Refunds: Under normal circumstances refunds are not given however the below dictates the special grounds and identifies the circumstances in which a refund will be granted as well as the refunded amount where applicable.
Full refund of fees
A full refund of fees paid will be granted in the event of the following:
  • The students opts to withdraw within the 14-day cooling off period;
  • Scope Training cancels a course or class;
  • An error is made at the time of enrolment e.g. if a student is enrolled in a unit/module previously completed; or
  • Scope Training is unable to fulfil the requirements of the learning arrangement
Partial refund of fees on withdrawal within a specified time frame:
  • A student who gives notice to cancel their enrolment with greater than 7 days prior to the commencement of a program will be entitled to a 75% refund of fees paid.
  • The amount retained (25%) by Scope Training is required to cover the administration of the process, costs of staff and resources which will have already been committed based on the students initial intention to undertake the training.
Discretion may be exercised by Scope Training, if the student can demonstrate that extenuating or significant personal circumstance led to their withdrawal.
FUNDED STUDENTS: Should the student be unable to complete/continue the course and wish to withdraw or require longer than 12 months to complete after enrolment date, students will be charged the balance on the full amount of the course as per the fees demonstrated on the website.

During Enrolment

Plagiarism: Scope Training has a zero tolerance policy for occurrences of plagiarism. All assessments provided by Scope Training will ask for answers to be provided in your own words. Students who submit work with high levels of plagiarism will be contacted and assessed on a case-by-case basis. In the event this is a one-off occurrence, the student will be given the benefit of the doubt and a warning will be provided. Once further, deliberate instance of plagiarism is noted, the student will be charged a $100 fine. On any recurring instances of plagiarism, the student will be notified and withdrawn from their studies for breach of student conduct. The student will not be entitled to any refund claims.
Conduct with Scope staff and Training Consultants: At Scope Training we love our staff and we want to make sure they are treated with respect throughout your training process. Any acts of aggression that results in the distress of our Training Consultants will not be tolerated and the student will be notified and withdrawn from their studies for breach of student conduct. The student will not be entitled to any refund claims.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Your information is kept confidential with Scope Training and our Privacy Policy (available from describes how we use the information you give us.

We do not disclose your information to a third party except as required by:

  • NCVER for reporting collection to declare completed qualifications;
  • ASQA auditors who monitor that we comply with their regulations; and
  • Designated trainers and assessors for the purposes of your training.

Should an external body, such as another training organisation wish to verify your qualifications, they must give us your written permission for this information to be released.